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About Tied World.

Jacob’s Story

Exploration of IPNB further fueled my curiosity, eventually guiding me to complete a graduate program in that field. While finishing my IPNB studies at Portland State University, I learned about positive psychology. The field struck me as deeply important, and I determined to grow my education within the discipline. Positive psychology, or the science of flourishing, is an evidence-based practice which addresses meaning, satisfaction, and optimal living. Whereas much of modern mental health treatment often starts from a place of identifying what’s wrong, positive psychology begins by looking at our inner resources and inherent resilience.

Positive psychology is also full of tested methods for enhancing the quality of our lives. Eventually, I completed a master’s in psychology with an emphasis in Positive Psychology at Indiana Wesleyan University. My work provides clients with a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical wisdom. In addition to drawing from interpersonal neurobiology and positive psychology, I heavily incorporate a trauma-informed process. My primary therapeutic technique is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic and effective partnership in your journey towards well-being.

Indiana Wesleyan University / MASTER OF ARTS PSYCHOLOGY (2022 – 2023), Marion, Indiana: Understanding  mental health and well-being from traditional psychopathology and positive psychology perspectives. An emphasis in positive psychology and coaching as tools to promote human flourishing. 

UC Berkeley Extension Campus/ PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN TRAUMA INFORMED INTERVENTIONS (2017 – 2018), Berkeley, California: Evidence based approaches and intervention styles taught on campus via workshops. 

Portland State University / INTERPERSONAL NEUROBIOLOGY GRADUATE PROGRAM (2014 – 2016), Portland, Oregon: Model which describes human development and functioning as a product of brain, mind, and relationships. 


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